Friday, October 7, 2016

House Speaker Paul Ryan to hit campaign trail with Donald Trump


From Washington Times
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will spend a quiet weekend in seclusion, sharpening her skills for the second presidential debate on Sunday night. Her rival Donald Trump, however, has opted for a high-profile appearance in Wisconsin on Saturday, with a special guest.
House Speaker Paul Ryan will join Mr. Trump on Saturday at an annual fall festival, staged at county fairgrounds in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Also along for the event: Sen. Ron Johnson, Gov. Scott Walker plus a half dozen high ranking state officials. The Wisconsin Republican Party revealed the news Thursday afternoon.
It did not take the press long to cast the event in less than positive light.
“Paul Ryan burns final shred of dignity, will campaign with Trump,” proclaimed a Huffington Post headline. A Politico headline announced “Paul Ryan cozies up to Trump,” the story noting that the lawmaker “has kept his distance from Donald Trump all year long — occasionally taking him to task, only reluctantly endorsing him and rarely uttering the presidential nominee’s name at the Republican National Convention.”
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