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This Day in Naval History - October 6
1884 - Department of the Navy establishes the Naval War College at Newport, RI (General Order 325).
1940 - Fourth group of 8 U.S. destroyers involved in Destroyers for Bases Deal are turned over to British authorities at Halifax, Canada.
1943 - In night Battle of Vella Lavella, 3 U.S. destroyers attack 9 Japanese destroyers to stop evacuation of Japanese troops from Vella Lavella., Solomon Islands
1958 - USS Seawolf (SSN-575) completes record submerged run of 60 days, logging over 13,700 nautical miles.
1962 - Commissioning of USS Bainbridge (DLGN-25), first nuclear-powered destroyer
1987 - Destruction of 3 Iranian small boats
1997: NASA astronaut Cmdr. Wendy B. Lawrence returns from mission STS-86 Atlantis, the seventh mission to rendezvous and dock with the Russian Space Station Mir. The mission began Sept. 25, 1997.
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Subject: Respect!
Someone sent me a blurb the other day that goes like this...and of course this pertains to million dollar athletics who have flouted their disrespect on TV... I know how they want to represent their cause but you don't get respect when you disrespect. As far as I am concerned they can watch their own football games, I've got better things to do.
"Those who would disrespect a flag have never been handed a folded one."


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RIPPLE SALVO… #219… "HALT THE BOMBING"… but first…
Good Morning: Day TWO HUNDRED NINETEEN remembering the courage and sacrifice of the warriors who fought the air war over North Vietnam…
6 OCTOBER 1966… "All the news that's fit to print" says "The Gray Lady" (NYT)… A sunny and "quite cool" Thursday in New Yawk…
Page 1: "Thant Reported In Renewed Drive for Peace Talks"…"Secretary General U Thant is again playing an active role in promoting peace negotiations between the United States and North Vietnam…Premier Nguyen Cao Ky of South Vietnam told Mr. Thant that his government was ready to consider any initiative for peace that would preserve the independence of South Vietnam and its peoples right to choose their own way of life. The Premier promised that once what he termed North Vietnam' aggression had ended his government would ask the United States and its allies to withdraw their forces from South Vietnam. Marshall Ky also sought an effective guarantee of South Vietnam's future independence and liberty as a peace condition."…Page 1: "Hurricane Buffets Cuba Again As It Heads For Mexico"…"Inez reached back and slapped Cuba again tonight as the far flung storm maintained a steady course toward the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Gail force winds and driving rain along Cuba's northwest coast forced the evacuation of 18,000 persons from low lying areas around Havana…Forecasters, frustrated by the hurricane's erratic turns, watched its new course for five hours before pronouncing an 'all clear' for Florida."… Page 1: "$2.9 Billion In Aid Voted By Senate"…"The Senate voted $2.9 billion for foreign aid today after cutting $110 million from the amount recommended by the Appropriations Committee. The vote was 52 to22. The bill was passed only after an unusual three hour debate. The total is about $500 million less than the Administration had asked for the coming year and about$100 million less than voted in the House."…
Page 1: "Orioles Beat Dodgers, 5-2, As The World Series Opens"…"The Baltimore Orioles upset the odds, Don Drysdale and the forbidding geography of cavernous Dodger Stadium today and defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers, 5-2, in the opening game of the 63rd World Series. The American League champions, 6-5 under-dogs for the first game, took the lead when Frank and Brooks Robinson hit successive home runs in the first ten minutes. Then they protected it in one of the great relief pitching performances in World Series history–6 2/3 innings– by Moe Drabowsky, a cast off from the Kansas City Athletics who allowed one single and struck out eleven batters."…oohrah… Page 1: "Texas Court Voids Ruby Conviction In Oswald's Death"…"The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals reversed today the murder conviction of Jack Ruby, who was sentenced to death in 1964 for the slaying of Lee Harvey Oswald, assassin of President Kennedy. In addition, the court ordered the case transferred out of Dallas County, where the shooting took place. Presiding Judge W.A. Morrison said Ruby should not have been tried there. The main opinion…said that the trial should not have allowed testimony that Ruby had told a Dallas police officer shortly after Oswald's shooting that he had planned to kill Oswald if the chance arose."…Page 2: "'War Crimes' Trial May Not Be Held In Paris"…"The planned Vietnam 'war crimes' trial of President Johnson has been running into trouble with French officialdom and may be shifted from Paris. At a meeting today with the group organized by Bertrand Russell, 94-year old British philosopher, it was suggested that the mock trial would be held in London in stead of Paris."… Page 3: "The Number Of U.S. Troops In South Vietnam" rose to 321,500 with the arrival of a 4,000-man brigade of the Fourth Infantry Division at Nha Trang and the division at full strength (14,500). Air activity announced by briefing officers included a strike by B-57 Canberra bombers at North Vietnamese positions in the DMZ near Laos. Pilot stated that they had destroyed or damaged 25 structures."…
Page 12: "North Korea Bids Reds Back Hanoi"…"Premier Kim Il-song of North Korea urged all socialist countries today to send volunteers to Vietnam to resist the United States. He made this remark in a speech to the opening session of the North Korean Communist Party conference in Pyongyang. The speech was monitored in Tokyo…
Kim Il-song: "In the light of the situation where the U.S. imperialists are expanding aggression against the Democratic Republic of Vietnam by bringing in troops of their subordinate countries and puppets, every socialist country should dispatch volunteers to Vietnam. We are preparing to send our volunteers to join the Vietnamese brothers and sisters in their battle whenever requested by the Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam…At present the countries of the socialist camp are not keeping step with each other in opposing U.S. aggression and aiding the Vietnamese people because of differences among themselves. This affects the fighting people of Vietnam and really saddens us communists.'…"
6 October 1966: The President's Daily Brief…CIA (TS sanitized)… North Korea: In a "plague on both your houses" speech yesterday, Premier Kim Il-song rounded on the Soviet Union and Communist China. Implying they were equally guilty of sacrificing the interests of other Communist states in their feud, Kim hit the Russians for backsliding "weakness against imperialism" and the Chinese for pretensions to be "the center of world revolution." For several years, Kim has maneuvered between the two Communist giants but this is his most striking bid yet to set North Korea on an independent course between Moscow and Peking.
6 October 1966…OPERATION ROLLING THUNDER… NYT (no report)…
"Vietnam: Air Losses" (Hobson)… Three fixed wing aircraft lost in Southeast Asia on 6 October 1966…
(1) LT R.D. LEACH was flying an F-8E of the VF-162 Hunters embarked in USS Oriskany escorting a VFP-63 photo reconnaissance aircraft on a mission that included the Hon Gay harbor. LT LEACH's aircraft developed a fuel system problem that required he bingo immediately. The flight was 70 miles south of Hon Gay when the F-8 flamed out before LT LEACH could link up with a tanker. He ejected and was rescued by a Navy helicopter. The lost F-8 was the aircraft flown by Commander Hal Marr of VF-111 on 12 June 1966 when he shot down two MIGs… Deep six for a great potential museum aircraft…sigh…
(2) CAPTAIN G. D. RIPPEY and CAPTAIN LOUIS FRANK MAKOWSKI were flying a B-57B of the 8th TBS and 355th FW out of Danang and were awaiting a target assignment in the DMZ when hit by ground fire that resulted in a flaming empennage and immediate ejection. Both aviator made good landings in the DMZ. CAPTAIN RIPPEY was rescued by Jolly Green, but CAPTAIN MAKOWSKI landed amid enemy troops and was captured. He was returned from POW duty in Operation Homecoming in March 1973… (there is a good story in this happenstance)… Fate, always Fate…
(3) 1LT ROBERT MICHAEL GILCHRIST and 1LT EUGENE MATTHEW PABST were flying an F-4C of the 497th TFS and 8th TFW out of Ubon on a Night Owl mission north of Dong Hoi. Their aircraft was hit by ground fire recovering from a weapons delivery attack on a truck park 25 miles north west of Dong Hoi and crashed without either aviator ejecting. 1LTs GILCRIST and PABST were Killed in Action and gave their lives for their country fifty years ago on this date. Young. Gone. Remembered with sadness– Left behind??   
RIPPLE SALVO… #219… "THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR VICTORY"…OR IS THERE? … Your Humble Host presents an essay from the 4 October 1966 NYT Editorial Pages that is timeless. I am reminded of a poker axiom: "You gotta' know when to hold 'em, and you gotta' know when to fold 'em." The United Stats spent most of 1966 desperately seeking a negotiated end of our participation in the Vietnam War. There just wasn't any give on either side of the table. Hardball, both sides. Neither side could win, and both sides knew it–in 1966. At this point we had lost 5,000 good men in the undeclared war, and 53,000 more would die before we withdrew. What a painful lesson. A lesson that gave birth to one of the essential criteria to answer before you make the decision to go to war– declared or undeclared: HAVE AN EXIT PLAN…
I received a comment from a flight instructor in 1957 explaining two below average marks on a training flight: "BA, Air discipline –student talks to himself."…"BA, Headwork– student doesn't listen to himself." That's the case with our Presidents. They know from our nation's experience that getting out of a war is a lot harder than getting in one, yet, here we are mired in Afghanistan and Iraq and setting new records for longest war in our history. Dubious honor. No exit plan going in equals: "President doesn't listen to himself."
October 1966 or October 2016… the great dilemma: how do we get out of this mess??? Here is the New York Times: I quote…
"A Halt To the Bombs"… Communist politics and the possibility–however slight–of approaching a negotiated end to the war in Vietnam suggest that this would be a good moment to have a long pause in the bombing of North Vietnam. But in the tough, primitive logic of war–crushing the enemy by superior force– this would be a good moment to escalate the bombing, says former Air Force Chief of Staff Curtis Lemay. And former President Eisenhower adds a shocking idea that he believes the United States should be willing to use "any means, including nuclear weapons," to win this war.
Military leaders since the dawn of history, have employed a seemingly unanswerable logic: "There is no substitute for victory" — and the surest way to win is to destroy your enemy. Life and war are no longer so simple. Political factors can be– and in the case of Vietnam, they are– at least as important as military factors.
The two previous bombing pauses–five days in May 1965 and 37 days as 1965 ended and this year began– evoked no positive response from Hanoi whatsoever. But the climate has changed. World Communism is almost unanimously against Peking. The Chinese are in the midst of a great internal upheaval. Hanoi has an unusual degree of freedom of action at a time when Peking would be more than anxious to avoid war with the United States.
On its part, Washington has been emphasizing peaceful desires and not warlike intentions. President Johnson's spokesman at the United Nations, Ambassador Goldberg showed how far the Administration is from the concept held in some quarters of seeking a purely military vicory and beating North Vietnam almost into insensibility so that it would crawl to the negotiating table. In pursuance of this American peace offensive at the United Nations a consideration of Hanoi's position indicates that this is a time for Washington to exercise patience. North Vietnam cannot know what is going to come of Secretary McNamara's trip to South Vietnam, or of the Manila Conference late this month, or the American elections. This is a baffling period for Ho Chi Minh and his associates. A halt in the bombing of the North would be the strongest possible proof in action, as distinct from words, that the United States is seeking an honorable peaceful settlement rather than a military victory.
As things are going now, the course of the war is steadily upward. General Eisenhower with his calmly terrible statement about nuclear bombs, showed how far up it could go if President Johnson does not take positive, unilateral action to reverse the present trend.   … unquote…
In October 1966 President Johnson had three choices: (1) escalate (2) steady as she goes or (3) pause it… He chose steady as she goes.  The same choices will face President Obama's replacement in January with respect to our future courses in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, the whole mid-east, NATO, and the South China Sea. The new executive will inherit a bad hand… Hold 'em, fold 'em, or bluff??? History is the teacher… I know what I would advise, but feel certain the new Prez won't be coming to Utah to get a new set of steaming orders…
Lest we forget….      Bear
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Flying below the rim of the Grand Canon back in the late 60s was something that was exhilarating with the walls on either side of you. Just don't get caught.
These may have been around but always beautiful pics of one of our national treasures!!
Following, are photos taken by Professionals that most visitors are unable to capture
with their cameras. The Photos were   received in an email, too good to delete, should be shared with others. They are posted here for people to see and enjoy.
Not the ordinary views . . .    Click here: Grand Canyon
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Executive Orders, MUST READ
Yes, it's bogus.  My original response to this long ago has scrolled out of my Sent Items.
Here's just one analysis of the data (updated because this email has started going around again):
Thanks to Larry. A great story put together about the USS Oriskany and one of her A-4 Squadrons the Ghost Riders of VA-164. Áir Wing 16 had the highest loss rate for an air wing of the entire Vietnam war.
Lady Jesse
Good story here -

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US Defense Watch ^ 
September 18, 2016
by Ray Starmann 

It's been another stellar couple of weeks for what used to be the world's greatest navy, but now is nothing more than a continual Carnival Cruise with weapons, all courtesy of Barack Obama, Ash Carter, Ray Mabus and the pusillanimous doormen who call themselves the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 

Over a week ago, it was reported that a female sailor, serving aboard the aircraft carrier, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, delivered a 7-pound baby girl. According to the Navy, the woman had no idea she was pregnant. 

Uh huh… 

If the concept of delivering babies aboard US ships of war isn't ludicrous enough, the Navy doubled down on the insanity by making the following statement: 

"As the baby was born at sea aboard an operational unit, the main focus for the U.S. Navy, the ship and its crew is the safety and well being of the baby and the mother," Cmdr. Bill Urban, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command spokesman, told The Virginian-Pilot. 

No, Commander Urban, the main focus for the US Navy should be training to defend the nation and win wars, not running OBGYN clinics aboard ships, you politically correct dimwit. 

Urban also stated that an incubator, diapers and formula were flown out to the carrier following the baby's birth. The incubator was used to transport the baby during the medical evacuation. 

Commander Urban told the news outlet that the sailor's superiors were not aware of the pregnancy, it could not be confirmed if she herself was aware either. Navy policy allows for expectant mothers to stay on ship up until the 20th week of pregnancy if a medical treatment facility is less than six hours away, and requires expectant mothers to self-report pregnancy within two weeks of confirmation from a medical care provider. 

"While it would have been preferred to send her to her homeport earlier, per policy, we are now focused on caring for the health and welfare of our Sailor and the newest member of our Navy family," Urban said. 

Raymond Spruance and John Paul Jones are spinning in their graves. Apparently, the Navy's focus is now running maternity wards aboard ships and stocking carriers with diapers and Gerber baby food. What's next, day care on the flight deck? 

Has anyone in the Navy asked the question why pregnant women are allowed on ships at all? In fact, what is the point of letting any women serve on combat ships at all, other than to be sensitive and diverse? 

As noted in journalist Stephanie Gutmann's book, The Kinder, Gentler Military: Can America's Gender-Neutral Fighting Force Still Win Wars, close to 90% of the females who graduate from Navy boot camp can't pass the fire house carry test, where a fire hose must be dragged up a stairs to extinguish a simulated fire. What happens when and if a ship like the Ike is hit and starts burning? What happens when half of the ship is comprised of females who can't carry the hose to put the fires out? 

People die. People die for diversity and political correctness. That's what happens. 

Obviously, this kind of stuff never crosses Ray Mabus' mind, or if it does, he could care less. 

While sailors aboard the Ike were lactating, 3,000 miles across the Atlantic, the Pentagon was coming up with more insane directives regarding the inclusion of the mentally ill, aka transgenders into the ranks. 

In an all-Navy message published Tuesday, Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. Robert Burke said a three-pronged training approach will equip senior leaders and rank-and-file personnel for the changes. 

"This training will emphasize policies and expectations of personal behavior," the message states. 

Beginning Nov. 1, mobile training teams composed of Navy fleet representatives and subject matter expects will be dispatched to deliver face-to-face briefs to senior leaders, including commanding officers, executive officers, command master chiefs, and chiefs of boat. 

Here we go again, more mobile training teams, similar to the Marine Corps' Unconscious Bias Mobile Smersh brainwashing teams that currently operate throughout the Corps like some kind of Diversity Einsatzgrueppen, determined to exterminate the last masculine vestiges and traditions of the Corps. 

These sessions will also be open to equal opportunity advisers, ombudsmen and other command-designated representatives who will have a role in training the tenant commands on policies governing transgender troops. 

As with the Marines, Navy commanders are being issued 'toolkits' to help them prepare for the forced integration of mentally ill people into their commands. 

A spokeswoman for Naval Personnel Command, Lt. Jessica Anderson, told in an email that a commander's tool kit is being developed to guide training, and that additional information about what these training sessions will include will be available in a future message to the fleet. 

Along with permitting transgender troops to serve openly, the military is creating procedures for troops to change their "gender marker" in the administrative Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, and laying out rules to govern how troops might undergo medical gender transitions while in uniform. 

With all the budgetary issues the military currently has, the DoD's priorities are financing gender reassignment surgeries. 

Since the Marines Corps is a component of the Department of the Navy, they must be included in this article, sorry to say. 

As reported in the Washington Times this week: 

Marine Corps headquarters has sent out a Communications Playbook that says top brass in Washington, not local public affairs officers, will control press statements about women in combat. 

The Corps normally gives wide latitude for spokespeople worldwide to discuss all sorts of Marine issues ­ but not in this case. 

Obviously, the Marine brass led by 'Fighting Joe' Dunford who should be renamed 'Dugout Dunford', are weary of letting the world know the truth about women in the combat arms. 

In all fairness to Dunford, he tried to stop Ray Mabus from integrating women into Marine combat arms units. But, Mabus brushed him off like a house fly and Dunford quickly saw the light; cooperate or cooperate. 

Like the rest of the brass, Dunford has been bought off with the promise of a lifetime PX card and a six figure pension on the horizon. 

Instead of continuing the lie of women successfully integrating into the combat arms, why doesn't Dunford do the right thing and just resign under protest? 

Why don't any of them? 

In the midst of all of this social engineering insanity, the Joint Chiefs informed Congress last week that, the United States military is not ready to confront a peer-level threat such as Russia or China in a high-end conflict. 

You think? 

How can you be ready to fight wars when your number one priority is flying diapers out to carriers and ensuring the rights of cross dressers aren't infringed upon? 

Ash Carter and Ray Mabus' priorities are so out of whack it's almost frightening. 

When do you ever see or hear Ash Carter or Ray Mabus discussing a new Navy weapons system or a Marine amphibious exercise? Everything that comes out of their mouths has to do with diversity, LGBT rights, gender neutral lexicons or sensitivity training. 

The US military is just about at the point of no return. It's being attacked by budget cuts, readiness issues and social engineering. Meanwhile our enemies probe our weaknesses, which are just about everywhere now. 

Bill O'Reilly's new book, Killing the Rising Sun paints a fine picture of the brutality during the war in the Pacific and the violence the US military unleashed to finally extinguish the Japanese Empire from the face of the earth. 

O'Reilly discusses the invasion of Peleliu in 1944 and Marine Colonel Chesty Puller. Before the invasion, Puller told his Marines. "You will take no prisoners. You will kill every yellow son-of-a-bitch and that's it." 

Sensitive, politically correct morons like Carter and Mabus would certainly accuse Puller of not adhering to diversity policies in treatment of the ruthless Japanese enemy. Puller would be up on charges for not using proper gender neutral vocabulary and not being sensitive enough to Japanese transgender soldiers. 

What bureaucratic twits like Carter and Mabus do not and will never understand is that men like Chesty Puller win wars. Winning wars is why the Navy and Marines exist. That is their only purpose; that and nothing else. 

If the current insanity continues unabated in the military, the United States is going to lose the next war and the next one after that. In fact, we may never win a war again. 

Chesty, we need help and we need it fast.
  Item Number:2 Date: 10/06/2016 BELGIUM - KNIFE-WIELDING MAN STABS 2 POLICEMEN IN BRUSSELS; ATTACKS MAY BE 'TERROR-RELATED' (OCT 06/GUARDIAN)  GUARDIAN -- Belgian prosecutors say the stabbing of two police officers in Brussels on Wednesday may be terror-related, reports the Guardian (U.K.).   A 43-year-old man, a Belgian national identified only as Hicham D, stabbed one officer in the neck and the other in the stomach in the Schaerbeek neighborhood of Brussels, according to authorities.   The attacker fled the scene and was stopped by a second group of officers. The suspect broke the nose of another police officer before being shot in the leg and arrested, according to a statement from the Federal Prosecutor's Office.   The suspect was reportedly known to Belgian police and was believed to have links to jihadists who travelled to Syria to fight. He served in the Belgian army until 2009, a source told AFP.  
Item Number:6 Date: 10/06/2016 IRAQ - SCORE OF SUNNI FIGHTERS KILLED IN FRIENDLY-FIRE INCIDENT (OCT 06/ALJAZ)  AL JAZEERA -- The U.S.-led coalition in Iraq says it is investigating reports of a fatal attack on friendly forces, reports USA Today.   A strike on a building in a village south of Mosul killed at least 20 pro-government Sunni tribal fighters who were apparently mistaken for Islamic State militants, reports Al Jazeera (Qatar).   The strike took place early Wednesday in Khara'ib Jabr. The Sunni fighters had reportedly repelled an attack by Islamic State militants near Qayara, about 37 miles south of the ISIS stronghold of Mosul.   The Sunni fighters were hit when they gathered after the end of fighting, said the commander of the force. One account said the strike took place during fighting and that the building had been used by ISIS.   It was unclear whether the strike was carried out by the Iraqi military or the U.S.-led coalition. The coalition did not say whether the strikes were from artillery or airstrikes.  
  Item Number:7 Date: 10/06/2016 ISRAEL - PILOT DIES EJECTING FROM F-16; FIGHTER CRASHES NEAR RAMON AIR FORCE BASE (OCT 06/TOI)  TIMES OF ISRAEL -- An Israeli air force pilot has been killed in the crash of a F-16I fighter jet, reports the Times of Israel.   A fighter jet was attempting to land at the Ramon Air Force base in southern Israel on Wednesday evening when the aircraft caught fire, reported Ynet News.   The navigator in the two-seater jet safely ejected, sustaining minor injuries. The pilot was killed in his ejection, reported Defense News.   The jet was returning after carrying out airstrikes in the Gaza Strip in response to a militant rocket attack on the southern Israeli town of Sderot.   The cause of the crash was not immediately known, said the IDF. An investigation has begun.  
Item Number:8 Date: 10/06/2016 KENYA - AL-SHABAAB ATTACKS RESIDENTIAL AREA IN NORTHEAST, BOASTS OF 'KILLING 6 CHRISTIANS' (OCT 06/DNATION)  DAILY NATION -- Somalia-based Islamist militants have killed six people and injured one in an attack in northeast Kenya, reports the Daily Nation (Kenya).   Thursday's attack took place in a gated residential area of Mandera, the capital of Mandera county.   The area is largely home to non-Somalis and non-Muslims, noted the Guardian (U.K.).   The militants threw a grenade before opening fire, said police. Security guards were able to save 27 people.   The attackers gained access to the complex before being forced out by police. An explosion was reportedly detonated when police attempted to enter the building.   Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack, with a spokesman telling Reuters that the group had "killed six Christians."  
Item Number:9 Date: 10/06/2016 NIGERIA - AIR FORCE OPERATION FOREST STORM AIMS TO HIT BOKO HARAM FIGHTERS WHERE THEY LIVE (OCT 06/DTRUST)  DAILY TRUST -- The Nigerian air force has begun a new air interdiction operation against Boko Haram militants in the northeastern part of the country, reports the Daily Trust (Abuja).   The goal of Operation Forest Storm is to further degrade the capabilities of the terrorist group in the Sambisa Forest region in Borno state, an air force spokesman said on Tuesday.   The mission seeks to restrict the freedom of movement of the rebel fighters and neutralize any threats to Nigerian ground forces operating in the region, the spokesman said.   The operation, which began on Sunday, calls for the destruction of a number of carefully selected targets in the Sambisa Forest.  
Item Number:11 Date: 10/06/2016 RUSSIA - FOLLOWING TRIALS ON GROUND, A-60 LASER WEAPON AIRCRAFT BEGINS FLIGHT TESTS (OCT 06/INT-AVN)  INTERFAX-MILITARY NEWS AGENCY -- The Russian military has begun flight testing an aircraft armed with a laser weapon, reports Interfax-AVN (Russia).   The test-bed A-60, based on the Il-76MD cargo aircraft, features significantly modernized systems and improved performance, Deputy Defense Minister Yury Borisov told the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper in an interview published on Wednesday.   Ground testing has been completed and flight trials are underway, said the minister.   Russia began work on a laser-armed aircraft based on the Il-76 in the early 1980s, noted Moscow's Tass news agency in September. The original Beriev first flew in 1981; it became a flying lab in 1983; and another A-60 joined the program in 1991, noted the Aviationist.   The project was halted following the collapse of the Soviet Union, but reportedly resumed several years ago.  
  Item Number:12 Date: 10/06/2016 RUSSIA - KREMLIN'S GROWING CAPABILITIES IN ARCTIC CONCERN NORWAY, NATO ALLIES (OCT 06/WSJ)  WALL STREET JOURNAL -- The Kremlin has been increasing the sophistication of Russia's forces in the Arctic, say senior Norwegian defense officials cited by the Wall Street Journal.   While Russian military activity in the Barents Sea has grown in recent years, it is far short of Cold War levels, said Adm. Haakon Bruun-Hanssen, the Norwegian defense chief.   While NATO forces in the region retain the advantage in conventional equipment and skill, Russia is catching up with new sensors, submarines and capabilities, he said. The defense chief made his comments during a recent trip to Bodo Air Base in Norway.   The Russian Arctic buildup has served as a warning to U.S. and NATO military officials.   The alliance has been increasing anti-submarine warfare and other naval exercises as part of efforts to deter Russian aggression.   However, it is important to pursue diplomatic efforts to lessen tensions in the Arctic, said one NATO official.   "Five allies are Arctic states, and we believe it is important to think of the high north as an area of low tensions," the official said. "We seek the right balance between military presence and keeping tensions low."  
 Item Number:13 Date: 10/06/2016 RUSSIA - NAVAL GROUP IN MED TO GET ANOTHER MISSILE SHIP (OCT 06/TASS)  TASS -- The Kremlin is deploying a third ship from its Black Sea Fleet to reinforce its naval task force in the Mediterranean, reports Tass (Russia).   On Wednesday, it was announced that two Grad Sviyazhsk-class patrol ships from the Black Sea fleet were going to reinforce the Mediterranean group.   On Thursday, a patrol craft named Mirazh, described as a Nanuchka-III-class coastal missile ship, also left the Crimean base of Sevastopol to join the Mediterranean task force, said a spokesman.   The craft, equipped with Malakhit anti-ship cruise missiles and the Osa-M air defense missile system, is expected to arrive on Friday
E TURKISH-BACKED REBELS; ISIS CLAIMS ATTACK (OCT 06/RUDAW)  RUDAW -- At least 29 Turkish-backed Syrian rebels have been killed in a bombing west of Aleppo in Syria, reports Rudaw (Iraqi Kurdistan). Witnesses say another 20 have been injured.   The blast took place Thursday on the Syrian side of the Atmeh crossing, in the northwestern province of Idlib, reported Al Jazeera.   Casualties have been reported variously. The U.K.-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights put the death toll at least 21.   Most of the rebels are said to be from a group called Failaq al-Sham, said witnesses cited by Reuters. They are fighting as part of the rebel Free Syrian Army coalition.   The rebels are taking part in Turkey's Operation Euphrates Shield, which is aimed at pushing back Islamic State militants from the border, as well as Kurdish fighters.   ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack on its affiliated Amaq news agency, saying a suicide car bomber hit a convoy of rebels.  
em Number:16 Date: 10/06/2016 USA - CURRENT OPERATIONAL TEMPO FOR ARMY RIVALS IRAQ WARTIME, SAYS TOP OFFICER (OCT 06/ANS)  ARMY NEWS SERVICE -- U.S. Army units are as busy as a decade ago during the height of the war in Iraq, say top service officials cited by the Army News Service.   While fewer troops are serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, soldiers are taking part in around 60 exercises this year in Europe in addition to training and other events in the Pacific, Africa and around the world, said Lt. Gen. Joseph Anderson, the Army deputy chief of staff for operations.   That has kept the operational tempo high.   There are currently 189,490 personnel support combatant commands in more than 140 locations globally, Anderson said at the Pentagon late last month. Exercises and combat training center rotations are also keeping troops away from home.   "Stress to the force is just as bad as it was back in 2005, if not worse," said the general.   The brigade combat team ratio is currently less than the desired 1:2 for deployed time versus dwell time at home. This is about the same for combat aviation brigades, Patriot missile battalions and Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) units, said Anderson.   All these units are in high demand and typically spend less than two years at their home bases before deploying for a year
Item Number:18 Date: 10/06/2016 USA - MARINE RAIDERS BRING THEIR EXPERIENCE TO DEVELOPMENT OF NEW TECHNOLOGY (OCT 06/MCT)  MARINE CORPS TIMES -- The Marine Corps has been assigning some of its special operations personnel to help develop new technology for the Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC), reports the Marine Corps Times, citing service officials.   Special ops personnel with real-world experience are being sought to help advance the command's technology and improve efficiency, according to one spokesman at a recent Marine expo in Quantico, Va.   The Raiders are able to bring their operational experience to better tailor technology development for their specific needs.   The current focus is on small unmanned aircraft designed for smaller threats, said MARSOC officials
Item Number:19 Date: 10/06/2016 USA - PENTAGON REVEALS DISAPPEARANCE OF AFGHANS TRAINING IN U.S.; 8 GO MISSING IN SEPTEMBER (OCT 06/REU)  REUTERS -- Defense Dept. officials say several dozen Afghan soldiers sent to the United States for military training have gone missing in recent years, reports Reuters.   Since January 2015, 44 Afghan troops have disappeared from military bases, apparently to live and work illegally in the U.S., said a Pentagon spokesman. Eight Afghan soldiers disappeared since September alone.   "The Defense Dept. is assessing ways to strengthen eligibility criteria for training in ways that will reduce the likelihood of an individual Afghan willingly absconding from training in the U.S. and going AWOL (absent without leave)," said the spokesman.   Those Afghans taking part in the program are vetted to make sure they are not affiliated with militant groups and that they have not taken part in human-rights abuses, he said.   There is no evidence the missing Afghans had carried out crimes or posed a threat to the U.S., said one unnamed defense official.   Since 2007, around 2,200 Afghan troops have received military training in the U.S., according to the DoD.  


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