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A bit of history and some tidbits.
This Day in Naval History - October 5
1863 - Confederate David seriously damages USS New Ironsides with a spar torpedo off Charleston, South Carolina.
1913 - Trial of OWL, Navy's first amphibian flying boat
1942: PBY aircraft from Commander Aircraft South Pacific sink Japanese submarine 1-22 near Indispensable Strait, Solomon Islands. Also on this date, PBY aircraft from VP-73 sink German submarine U-582 south of Iceland.
1943: Task Force 14 (TF 14) performs raids on Wake Island. Rear Adm. Sakaibara Shigematsu then orders the execution of the 98 remaining civilians captured on Dec. 23, 1941 due to his fear they would escape and weaken his garrison.
1957 - Minitrack, a satellite tracking net developed by the Naval Research Laboratory, becomes operational. This network, with stations from Maine to Chile, tracked the Vangard satellite.
On this day in history (October 5):
1892: The Dalton gang was nearly wiped out while attempting to rob two banks simultaneously in Coffeyville, KS. Four members of the gang and four citizens were killed. The only survivor of the gang, Emmett Dawson, was sentenced to life after surviving his wounds.
1947: U.S. President Harry S. Truman held the first televised presidential address from the White House.
1974: American David Kunst completed the first journey around the world on foot. It took four years and 21 pairs of shoes. He crossed four continents and walked 14,450 miles.
And today is:
National Green Bean/Apple Betty  Day
This Week in American Military History:
Oct. 7, 1777:  Continental forces under the command of Gen. Horatio Gates decisively defeat British forces under Gen. John "Gentleman Johnny"
Burgoyne in the Second Battle of Saratoga (also known as the Battle of Bemis Heights).
According to the National Parks Service, "This crucial American victory renewed patriots' hopes for independence, secured essential foreign recognition and support, and forever changed the face of the world."
But the war is far from over.
Oct. 7, 1780:  Three years to the day after Second Saratoga, patriot militia forces armed with rifles, knives, and tomahawks decisively defeat musket-armed Loyalist militia under the command of British Army Maj.
Patrick Ferguson (who will be killed in the fighting) in the bloody Battle of King's Mountain on the N.C.-S.C. border.
Among the patriots is John Crockett, father of Davy Crockett.
Oct. 7, 1918:  Nearly two weeks into the Meuse-Argonne Offensive of World War I, the U.S. Army's 82nd Division (destined to become the famed 82nd Airborne Division) battles its way toward -- and successfully relieves -- the now famous "Lost Battalion" (combined elements of three battalions of the 77th Infantry Division, which had been surrounded during a German counterattack).
For days without blankets and overcoats, always running short of ammunition and medical supplies (the wounded often patched up with bloody bandages removed from the dead), and with little food and nearly no water; the "Lost Battalion" -- under the command of Maj. (future lieutenant colonel) Charles S. Whittlesey -- had refused to surrender. Responding to a German surrender-demand, Whittlesey allegedly replied, "Go to hell!" Some reports suggest he said, "Come and get us."
Whittlesey and two of his officers -- Captains George McMurtry and Nelson Holderman -- will receive the Medal of Honor.
Oct. 7, 2001: Post 9/11 America goes on the offensive against terrorists when U.S. and allied forces launch a massive retaliatory air and naval strike against the Taliban and Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda network in Afghanistan.
Oct. 8, 1918:  The day following the relief of the "Lost Battalion,"
Private First Class (future U.S. Army sergeant and future colonel in the Tennessee State Guard) Alvin C. York captures "the whole damned German Army."
In the action for which he will receive both the Medal of Honor and the French Croix de Guerre, York leads a seven-man team of doughboys against a strong enemy position. The team kills at least 25 Germans and captures four officers, 128 soldiers, and over 30 machineguns.
York, an expert rifleman from the Tennessee backcountry (yes, the home of John and son, Davy, Crockett), will later describe the action as something akin to a Tennessee turkey shoot: "Every time one of them raised his head, I just teched him off," he said.
French Marshall Ferdinand Foch will tell York, "What you did was the greatest thing accomplished by any private soldier of all the armies of Europe."
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Good Morning: Day TWO HUNDRED EIGHTEEN of recalling the days and years of the air war called Rolling Thunder over North Vietnam…
5 OCTOBER 1966… THE NEW YORK TIMES WITH THE NEWS IN CONUS… A fair then partly cloudy Wednesday and the Yankees are watching the World Series on TV…
Page 1: "French Minister Says Hanoi Feels It Can't Win The War"…"Foreign Minister Maurice Couve de Murville of France today was said to have told President Johnson that North Vietnam no longer saw a chance for a military victory in South Vietnam. At the same time, the French diplomat was said to have warned the President that the Hanoi regime was in no mood to negotiate a cease fire. This, it was said, is true partly because  Hanoi believes it can keep troops fighting indefinitely in South Vietnam and thus wear down United States resistance, and partly because published United States terms for a cease fire remain 'fuzzy.' Hanoi has 20 regiments totaling 50,000 troops in battle and there is believed to be about 230,000 Vietcong in arms against the Saigon regime'. Saigon is supported by 320,000 regular troops plus American and other Allied troops (On Wednesday 4,000 infantrymen landed in South Vietnam raising the total American troops strength to 320,000). The French diplomat de Murville is regarded here as a valid interpreter of the North Vietnamese view point because he heard it first hand in Pnompenh, the Laotian capital on August 21 during discussions with Nguyen Thuong, Chief of North Vietnam's diplomatic mission in Cambodia."… Page 1: "Kohler Terms A Blockade Of North Vietnam Perilous"…"Foy Kohler, the United States Ambassador to Moscow warned today that 'an American blockade of North Vietnam  would be a dangerous step' that could raise the risk of a military confrontation with the Soviet Union. Mr. Kohler told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that he saw no present inclination on the part of the Soviet Union leaders to try to end the Vietnam War. He predicted that the Soviet Union would 'contest' perhaps through military actions any American attempt to impede the flow of Soviet material to North Vietnam by mends of a naval blockade."…
Page 1: "Rise In War Cost Reaches Peak"…"The cost of the war in Vietnam increased the yearly rate of Defense spending by $3 billion of a little more in the third quarter of this year. This was the largest of the increases that have occurred each quarter since the war began to raise outlays for defense in the middle of last year. The rise in the July-September quarter meant that the rate of defense purchases of goods and services in that period converted to on an annual basis, was a little more than $60 billion, the first time the $60 billion mark has been passed since World War II."…. Page 1: "Senate Approves Anti-Poverty Bill: $746 Million Cut"…"The Senate passed an anti-poverty bill tonight after cutting it to the $1.75billion approved by the House last week. The vote was 49 to 20. the crucial vote to cut $746 million from the bill 45 to 27 was a budget victory for President Johnson."…
Page 1: "150,000 Join Pope In Plea For Peace Negotiations"…"Pope Paul VI led 150,000 Roman Catholics in St. Peter's Square and millions elsewhere through radio and television in prayers today for peace in Vietnam by negotiations conducted with honor and humanity. Speaking in an open air mass on the anniversary of his peace appeal to the United Nations General Assembly last year in New York, the Pontiff said there could be no flagging in the search for peace 'since it concerns the dizzying gamble with the fate of mankind.'…"…
5 October 1966… The President's Daily Brief…CIA (Top Secret sanitized Sept 2015) South Vietnam: Ky has indeed acted quickly to head off the cabinet crisis that appeared to be brewing yesterday. He requested and received and accepted the resignation of the northern cabinet minister whose heavy handed treatment of his chief subordinate, a southerner, started the fuss. Ky today denied that any other cabinet members had resigned, and told Ambassador Lodge that the incident was closed… Vietnam: The Soviets will soon begin to supply North Vietnam with petroleum from Vladivostok, in the Far East. They will use 4,000-ton tankers rather than the 10-11,000-tonners that have been used to bring oil from the Black Sea. Use of the smaller ships will give the Soviets greater flexibility in off-loading at Haiphong. Since the June bombings of the facilities there, off-loading a large tanker has taken at least three weeks. The change route will not keep the Soviets from meeting Hanoi's petroleum requirements of about 16,000 tons a month. Sufficient small tankers are ready in the Far East, and siphoning off this amount of petroleum products will not seriously deplete supplies there….Communist China: The Chinese leaders appear nervous over this year's harvest. We believe they have cause for concern–there are reports of hunger already. A few sentences are extracted from the 5 Oct PDB TS brief annex on "the Hungry Giant: China's Agriculture Stumbles Again"… china is a land where the specter of famine lurks just beyond the next harvest. this year is no exception. The winter ahead looks bleak and hungry. Two grains–rice and wheat– form the basic staples of the Chinese diet. The major harvest is in the fall and signs are not promising…agriculture in China is still essentially a form of basic combat between a man with a hoe and the elements…farming standards comparable to those in the US at the time of our Revolutionary War…periodic natural disasters strain China's ability to feed itself… the sheer mass of Chinese humanity keeps the wolf at Peking's door…No census since 1953 but China's population is estimated between 700 million and 900 million…it is doubtful that even the Chinese government knows within 50 million the number of mouths to be fed. The Chinese reproduce themselves at the rate of 17 million per year…Food is already scarce. In six major cities, Chinese are on short rations and the situation is getting worse…
5 OCTOBER 1966… OPERATION ROLLING THUNDER NYT (7 Oct reporting ops of 5 Oct)…Page 17: "In North Vietnam yesterday American pilots destroyed 34 barges, 15 boxcars and 3 bridges in 130 missions. Two Air Force helicopters flew through intense small arms fire and rescued the pilot of an F-4C Phantom that crashed west of Hanoi… The copilot of the F-4 could not be found and he was listed as missing. A helicopter crewman was wounded. GREAT TALE IN SOME DETAIL IN RIPPLE SALVO…
"Vietnam: Air Losses" (Hobson) Page 76…Two fixed wing aircraft losses in Southeast Asia on 5 October 1966…
(1) LTJG JAMES ALVIN BEENE was flying in a section of A-1H Skyraiders from the VA-152 Wild Aces embarked in USS Oriskany on a coastal reconnaissance mission between Thanh Hoa and Cape Mu Ron. The section entered a thunderstorm and LTJG BEENE did not come out of it. A search failed to locate either the pilot or a crash scene, although a large oil slick was located 15 miles south of Hon Mat island. For unknown reasons LTJG BEENE perished, killed in action, fifty years ago today. He remains where he fell on that battlefield where he fought for his country…   
(2) 1LT EDWARD W. GARLAND and CAPTAIN WILLIAM RICHARD ANDREWS were flying an F-4C of the 433rd TFS and the 8th TFW out of Ubon in a flight of four F-4s escorting two EB-66s during a Rolling Thunder strike on a bridge 45 miles southwest of Yen Bai. While maneuvering in the target area at 30,000-feet the flight received a MIG warning at the same time the flight leader noticed his #3, LTJG GARLAND, was missing. It was assumed that the missing F-4 has been hit by a MIG. Both aircrew safely ejected from the F-4 and CAPTAIN ANDREWS reported he was OK but said enemy troops were approaching. Two Jolly Green HH-3Es (04 and 36) from Detachment 5 of the 38th ARRS based at Udorn arrived on scene and in the face of intense enemy ground fire Jolly Green 36, piloted by CAPTAIN OLIVER O'MARA, made an attempted pickup of CAPTAIN ANDREWS, who had landed in trees. In the process of the initial pick-up attempt enemy troops took the scene under fire scoring hits on Jolly Green 36 forcing him to pull out. Unfortunately, in the process, CAPTAIN ANDREWS was hit in the chest by small arms and lost consciousness. CAPTAIN O'MARA's subsequent attempt led to more damage to Jolly Green 36 and he was forced to head for an emergency landing field.  The second Jolly Green 04 piloted by CAPTAIN LELAND KENNEDY was successful in finding and rescuing 1LT GARLAND, but not without drama. A further search in an extremely hostile environment for CAPTAIN ANDREWS resulted in additional small arms damage to CAPTAIN KENNEDY's HH-3E and he was forced to leave the area before he could find CAPTAIN ANDREWS, who perished at the site that day fifty years ago. His remains were returned to the United States and identified in 1991… more in Ripple Salvo…read on…
RIPPLE SALVO… #218… CAPTAIN LELAND THORNTON KENNEDY flew his eighth combat rescue mission on 5 October 1966 as the back-up "high bird." Events would lead to he and his crew's successful recovery of 1LT GARLAND. Their first save. …. oohrah… but the story is in the details… Your Humble Host suggests you take a few minutes to call up Captain Kennedy's entry on Wikipedia…   (or just Google CAPTAIN LELAND THORNTON KENNEDY) …
…and read about courage under fire and a clear case of four young men putting their lives on the line and keeping them there through unrelenting enemy fire to save the life of a downed Phantom driver… You'll love the part where, after four unsuccessful passes to make the pickup, Captain Kennedy, turns to his three-man crew of Jolly Green 04, 1LT DONALD HARRIS, SSGT DONALD HALL and A2C ROBERT WILLIAMSON, one of whom was wounded by the antiaircraft fire that that had already riddled their HH-3, and gets a unanimous vote to give it another try…  all for one and one for all… we have a job to do, let's do it… damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead… and you know what else? His 5 October rescue was just Captain Kennedy's FIRST AIR FORCE CROSS…. The man was an Audie Murphy… I am saving how I really feel about this valiant warrior for October 30 when he does it again to become second only to Colonel Jim Kasler's three AFCs for valor in the Vietnam War…
For my fellow Rolling Thunder operators, we have been spoiled in this one life we have logged on earth–we have lived among real heroes, valorous men, and "the happy warriors that every man should wish to be." Men like Captain Kennedy who are imbued with a brave heart and fighting spirit that knows no bounds.  
Lest we forget…          Bear        
Thanks to Gordy. What a feat of airmanship. USA 4 Russians 0
Gordo Williamson, VF-92
Number:1 Date: 10/05/2016 AFGHANISTAN - ROADSIDE BOMB KILLS AMERICAN SPECIAL OPS TROOPER ON PATROL IN NANGARHAR (OCT 05/WP)  WASHINGTON POST -- A U.S. military service member has been killed in eastern Afghanistan, say defense officials cited by the Washington Post.   The death took place on Tuesday in Nangarhar province's Achin district, close to the Pakistani border, according to the Pentagon. The area is considered the Islamic State's base of operations in Afghanistan.   Defense officials said the unidentified American was part of a special operations unit, reported the Wall Street Journal. He was killed by an improvised explosive device while on foot during a "larger U.S.-Afghan counterterrorism" targeting ISIS' Afghanistan branch, said officials.   The Pentagon did not reveal the service branch or name of the deceased.   This was the third U.S. combat fatality in Afghanistan this year.  
  Item Number:2 Date: 10/05/2016 AZERBAIJAN - PARLIAMENTARIAN REVEALS IRON DOME SHIELD ON THE WAY FROM ISRAEL (OCT 05/TOI)  TIMES OF ISRAEL -- Israel is selling Iron Dome air defense systems to Azerbaijan, say Azeri media, as cited by the Times of Israel.   An Azeri lawmaker told domestic media that the missile batteries were ready for delivery. There was no indication when they might be handed over.   Rival Armenia recently displayed its newly acquired, Russian-made Iskander short-range ballistic missiles.   A member of Parliament in Azerbaijan, Yevda Abramov, was quoted by Israel's i24news as saying that the Iron Dome will not "allow the Iskander missiles to land on Azeri ground."   The reports on Tuesday could not be independently confirmed, said the Times. A former Azeri military commander earlier this year claimed that Baku had already purchased four Iron Dome batteries from Israel.   Tensions between the rivals have been high since fighting in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region flared up earlier this year.  
  Item Number:4 Date: 10/05/2016 GEORGIA - BOMB EXPLODES IN CAR OF OPPOSITION MP SHORTLY BEFORE ELECTION; LAWMAKER UNHURT (OCT 05/AFP)  AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE -- An opposition lawmaker in Georgia has survived an apparent assassination attempt, reports Agence France-Presse.   The attack came on Tuesday, three days before a parliamentary election.   Givi Targamadze from the United National Movement (UNM), the country's largest opposition party, was in the front passenger seat alongside his driver when a car planted in the back of his car exploded in central Tbilisi.   Targamadze and his driver were unhurt. Four passersby were injured. Reuters said two of the passerby were taken to the hospital.   On Wednesday, Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili called the attack "sabotage against the state" carried out by Georgia's "enemies."   On Sunday, unknown attackers fired at a rally of a parliamentary candidate in the central city of Gori, injuring two people.   A leader of the UNM said that regardless of who made the attack, the authorities are "responsible for creating a climate of hatred" against opposition politicians.  
  Item Number:6 Date: 10/05/2016 MALI - U.N. MISSION COMES UNDER FIRE; CHADIAN PEACEKEEPER DIES (OCT 05/VOA)  VOICE OF AMERICA NEWS -- A U.N. peacekeeper from Chad has been killed and eight others injured in an attack on a peacekeeping camp in northeastern Mali, near the border with Algeria, says the United Nations, as reported by the Voice of America News.   MINUSMA's Aguelhok camp in the Kidal region was targeted in four different attacks on Monday, according to a U.N. statement.   After several mortar rounds were fired at the camp, two vehicles were dispatched. One hit an improvised explosive device, killing the peacekeeper, reported Agence France-Presse, citing officials from the mission.   No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.   Security in the region has been deteriorating due to tribal rivalries.  
  Item Number:7 Date: 10/05/2016 NIGERIA - ARMY CRACKS IT WITH CHOPPERS IN MOTORCYCLE OPERATIONS AGAINST MILITANTS (OCT 05/VANGUARD)  VANGUARD -- The army has kicked off an operation targeting insurgents in Nigeria's central Plateau state using motorcycles, reports the Vanguard (Lagos).   The motorcycle operations began on Monday in the Riyom area of Plateau state.   Employing motorcycles will allow troops to reach regions that other vehicles cannot access and areas where foot patrols are challenging, said Maj. Gen. Nicholas Rogers. Their use will also reduce response times, he said.   The operations are also planned for the Barking Laid, Mango and Wise districts, said officials.  
  Item Number:8 Date: 10/05/2016 RUSSIA - GLADIATOR AIR DEFENSE SYSTEM FROM RUSSIA SEEN IN SYRIA, SAYS U.S. OFFICIALS (OCT 05/FN)  FOX NEWS -- For the first time, Russia has deployed an advanced anti-missile system in Syria, reports Fox News, citing unnamed U.S. officials.   Moscow's motives are unclear, but the SA-23 Gladiator (S-300VM) system could potentially counter any U.S. cruise missile attack in Syria, said the officials.   Components of the air defense system, with a range of about 150 miles (240 km) reportedly arrived over the weekend at the Russian naval base in Tartus, on Syria's Mediterranean coast.   The missiles and associated components were still said to be in their crates and not yet operational.   This is the first time that the Kremlin has deployed the SA-23 outside of its borders, according to a recent intelligence assessment.   Moscow had not made a confirmation of the move, noted Sputnik (Russia).   No rebel groups fighting in Syria possess manned aircraft or cruise missiles, likely indicating that Russia is seeking to protect itself from any attack by the U.S. or its allies, said one U.S. official.  
  Item Number:10 Date: 10/05/2016 SOUTH KOREA - MARINES FROM U.S. JOIN DRILLS ON FRONTLINE ISLANDS (OCT 05/YON)  YONHAP -- Marines from the United States and South Korea are concluding a bilateral exercise on the islands along the maritime boundary with North Korea, reports the Yonhap news agency (Seoul).   Around 200 Americans and 120 South Koreans are drilling on the islands, including the northernmost Baengnyeong and Yeongpyeong islands, as part of efforts to deter potential provocations from the North.   The joint exercise is designed to strengthen capabilities and interoperability and prepare the personnel to deal with unexpected nuclear and missile threats from North Korea, said a statement from the South Korean marine corps.   The drills are scheduled to conclude on Wednesday.   The allied militaries have been conducting 12 to 19 joint exercises in the region annually since 2010, when the North sank the South Korean corvette Cheonan and fired artillery at the island, killing four South Koreans.  
Item Number:11 Date: 10/05/2016 SYRIA - RUSSIAN S-300 AIR DEFENSE SYSTEM NOW AT TARTUS, CONFIRMS KREMLIN (OCT 05/TASS)  TASS -- The Kremlin says a new air defense system has been delivered to the Russian military at its Tartus naval base in Syria, reports Tass (Russia).   The S-300 battery will protect the naval logistics facility in Tartus on the Mediterranean and the naval task force, said Defense Ministry spokesman on Tuesday.   The deployment was reported by American media earlier this week. It is the first time the S-300 has been deployed to Syria, noted Reuters.   Russia has previously sent the advanced S-400 and short-range Pantsyr systems to Syria.   A shipborne version of the S-300 was previously deployed to the region, the spokesman noted.   "Let me remind you that the S-300 is a purely defensive system and poses no threat to anyone," said the spokesman. "It is unclear why the deployment of the S-300 caused such alarm among our Western partners."   U.S. officials have warned that the S-300 could be used to counter U.S. missile attacks within Syria, noted the Daily Express (Scotland).  
 Item Number:12 Date: 10/05/2016 SYRIA - U.N. SATELLITE DATA REVEAL AIRSTRIKE RESPONSIBLE FOR FATAL ATTACK ON AID CONVOY IN SEPTEMBER (OCT 05/INDEP)  INDEPENDENT -- A United Nations analysis of satellite imagery has confirmed that an attack on an aid convoy in Syria last month was an airstrike, not an accidental fire or a rebel incident, reported the Independent (U.K.).   A U.N. and Syrian Arab Red Crescent aid convoy was hit on Sept. 19 at Urem Al-Kubra near the northern city of Aleppo. A warehouse, a clinic and 18 of 31 trucks were destroyed, killing 20, reported Reuters.   The U.S. blamed two Russian warplanes that were near at the time. Moscow has insisted it was not responsible and said that the convoy caught fire.   The U.N. analysis showed a giant crater at the site that was caused "almost certainly [caused by] air-dropped munitions" as opposed to artillery or mortars, said a research adviser at UNOSAT on Wednesday.   UNOSAT, which reviews commercially available satellite images, has not been asked to share its findings with a U.N. inquiry into the incident. However, the agency is prepared to do so, said a UNOSAT manager.  
Item Number:14 Date: 10/05/2016 TURKEY - ANKARA ESCALATES OPERATIONS ACROSS BORDER IN SYRIA, KILLING MORE THAN SCORE OF ISIS FIGHTERS (OCT 05/ANADOLU)  ANADOLU NEWS AGENCY -- One Turkish soldier has been killed and three others wounded during fighting in Syria against the Islamic State, say military sources cited by Turkey's Anadolu Agency.   Reuters reported that 23 militants were killed.   Fighting broke out Monday involving Turkish troops, Turkey-backed rebels and ISIS fighters in the northern Syrian city of al Rai, said military sources.   Turkish artillery hit 75 ISIS targets in the area, and airstrikes targeted the Syrian towns of Dabiq, Rasm al Wardm and Aktarim, said the military.   Other army airstrikes were said to hit militants in the Turkmen Bari, Ziyara, Titanah, and Aktarin regions, killing five.   Since the start of Operation Euphrates Shield on Aug. 24, Turkish forces have cleared about 380 square miles of northern Syria of ISIS militants, according to a Turkish military statement.  
 Item Number:15 Date: 10/05/2016 UNITED KINGDOM - NAVY BEGINS SCOTLAND'S UNMANNED WARRIOR EXERCISE (OCT 05/STORNGAZ)  STORNOWAY GAZETTE -- The British military has just begun an exercise to evaluate a variety of unmanned systems off the west coast of Scotland and elsewhere, reports the Stornoway Gazette (Scotland).   Air and underwater ranges in Benbecula, Stornoway, Applecross and the Kyle of Lochalsh were prepared for the exercise.   Several Royal Navy minehunters are scheduled to participate in the exercise to compare the abilities of existing systems versus newer unmanned systems, according to a Royal Navy release.   Thales and around 40 participants from the British Defense Ministry, industry and academia are to assess the exercise, said the defense firm.   The company is providing its Watchkeeper unmanned aerial vehicle and Halcyon unmanned surface vehicle for the drills.   This week, the Watchkeeper will operate from the Welsh coast, providing overwatch for vessels sailing north for the related Joint Warrior drills, the navy said.   This will be the first time that the unmanned aircraft is employed in the maritime surveillance role with its I-Master radar, according to Thales.   About 50 various unmanned systems are taking part in the six weeks of exercises, noted Some of the drills are off the Western Isles and some in West Wales, noted the BBC
Item Number:17 Date: 10/05/2016 USA - MORE DEPLOYABLE TROOPS NEEDED FOR SMALLER SERVICE, SAYS ARMY'S PERSONNEL BOSS (OCT 05/DN)  DEFENSE NEWS -- A smaller Army calls for all its soldiers to be prepared to deploy when needed, says the service's top personnel officer, as cited by Defense News.   The service is expected to reach an active-duty strength of 460,000 personnel over the next year, with plans to draw down to 450,000 troops by the end of fiscal 2018, said Lt. Gen. James McConville, the deputy chief of staff for personnel.   At that time, the total force will be 980,000 personnel, including 335,000 in the Army National Guard and 195,000 in the Reserve. This will represent the smallest U.S. Army since World War II, said the general.   Most of the drawdown has occurred by not bringing in more personnel, he said. On average, only 2,000 to 3,000 soldiers annually are being involuntarily separated, said McConville.   The Army is also requiring commanders to do a better job in tracking readiness in their units. As of July, around 148,000 personnel were considered non-deployable, a 5 percent increase over the previous two years, said personnel officials.   The spike is said to be due to a recent policy change that emphasizes timely medical and dental exams. If those are incomplete, the situation renders a soldier non-deployable, the officials said.   Those numbers are expected to go down with better tracking and examination scheduling, said McConville
Item Number:19 Date: 10/05/2016 USA - NEW TITAN UNMANNED GROUND VEHICLE TO COMPETE FOR U.S. ARMY PROGRAM (OCT 05/QIN)  QINETIQ -- QinetiQ North America and Estonian firm Milrem have partnered on the Titan unmanned ground vehicle that was unveiled at this week's Association of the U.S. Army conference in Washington, D.C., reports QinetiQ.   The Titan combines Milrem's Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System (THeMIS), a modular, hybrid military robot, with QinetiQ's tactical robot controller and robotic applique kit.   Their joint solution is said to exceed the U.S. Army's Squad Multipurpose Equipment Transport (SMET) requirements. The Titan will compete for the SMET initiative, reported the Baltic News Service.   According to QinetiQ, Titan provides increased unit capability and squad support on extended missions; mission effectiveness; improved safety for soldiers; and high load-carrying capability and off-road mobility.   The hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system also has a run-silent mode and can be used for squad auxiliary power.   The Army anticipates buying more than 2,000 robots under the SMET program for infantry support missions
  Item Number:20 Date: 10/05/2016 YEMEN - DURING ACTION AT MARIB, HOUTHI LEADER CAPTURED; PRO-GOVERNMENT FORCES SEIZE KEY ROUTE TO CAPITAL (OCT 05/AL ARABIYA)  AL ARABIYA -- Yemeni soldiers and pro-government forces have made gains against the Houthi rebels in the western part of Marib province, say sources cited by Al-Arabiya (Dubai).   The troops regained control of the direct route between the capital Sanaa and Marib through Sirwah district, said the sources.   A number of Houthi militia leaders and others as well as forces loyal to former Yemeni President Alu Abdullah Saleh were captured, the sources said.   Those captured reportedly included two Houthi militia leaders identified as Hussain al-Mutawakel and Abu Jabar Ahmad al-Houthi.


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